Talk: Materia Prima

Materia Prima came to Zattere to present their collaborative atlas of construction materials in Mexico.

Their project explores the relationship between the production of architecture and the intensive extraction of subsoil material and destruction of territory. They examine the transformations of landscape that architecture brings about – what they call “architecture extractivism.”

In its first stage, the project envisioned a collective composition of an atlas that aimed to visualise the aesthetic impact of the extractive industry on the landscape, its geographic location, and the radical transformations caused by its abrasive procedures; on a second stage, it sought to understand the multiple dimensions on which architecture can affect the lifecycle of materials, of the landscape and the territory.

Over the last year, Materia Prima has conducted more twenty field visits to different extraction sites in Mexico with the objective of better grasping the nuances of its first approach. Visiting these places allowed us to unfold the word “landscape” into several dimensions, such as (i) ecological landscape, (ii) social landscape, (iii) flows landscape, and (iv) landscapes of care.

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