Workshop: Non-Extractive Architecture x Terraforma

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Last weekend, the residents traveled to Milan to conduct a public workshop related to their ongoing research at V-A-C Zattere. The workshop was hosted in collaboration with Terraforma, an international music festival dedicated to artistic experimentation and sustainability. This commitment to experimentation and sustainability made the organization a natural fit with the aims of the residency program and exhibition platform.

In the workshop, participants were asked to work with the ongoing archive of case studies being developed by the residents in order to propose speculative future architectures that are not reliant on extraction. To visualize their proposals, the participants worked with a library of modular urban components (a method used in the Incomplete City workshops also conducted by Space Caviar.

The archive of case studies provided the starting point for speculation (Image credit: Roxana Vergani)

Through simple methods of photocopying, cutting, and pasting, each participant made their own zine containing a speculative proposal. Some projects looked into the use of milk waste for brick production, while others looked into legal mechanisms for representing non-human organisms that produce carbonate minerals.

Above all, the workshop was a chance to share the research being done in Venice with a broader audience, and to create a space for play and speculation about this very large and challenging topic. The ideas generated in this workshop will be displayed in Zattere this week.

Image credit: Roxana Vergani
Image credit: Roxana Vergani
Image credit: Roxana Vergani

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