‘Barena Interventions’ at the Anthropocene Campus Venice

Some of the residents cohort took part in ‘Barena Interventions’, a performance-lecture devised by the NEA resident Lodovica Guarnieri together with Ifor Duncan. The performance was part of the seminar ‘Venice is Leaking: Interventions in the Lagoon-City Continuum’, one of the four seminars of the Anthropocene Campus Venice ‘The Politics of Water in the Age of the Anthropocene’ .

In front of Bacàn. Picture: Katya Bryskina
Picture: Katya Bryskina
Walking to the barena. In front of Bacàn. Picture: Katya Bryskina

The performance brought participants along the shore of Sant’Erasmo Island: from the beach in front of the Bacàn island, which is being eroded by the hydrodynamics changes resulting from the construction of MOSE, to the saltmarshes – barèna.

The performance explored the scale of relations and entanglements between social and ecological processes drawn by the impact of humidity in the Venice Lagoon.

Lodovica and Ifor invited participants to engage bodily with ‘other modes’ of tides and the dynamics of weathering bodies, creatures, and phenomena in deep time, space geography, the Lagoon and the city. By focusing attention on weather phenomena such as rising damp, water vapour, and sea aerosol, the performance unlocked such binary phenomena as wet/dry, nature/culture, city/Lagoon, body/environment.

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