Visit to WASP

This week some of the residents went to Massa Lombarda to visit the WASP facilities. The company is on a mission to develop digital fabrication processes that advance the principles of circular economy. It is the leading company in 3D printing with earth, with an ongoing development of large scale printers and biodegradable materials. They invest in the research and development of integrated projects aiming at building ‘zero-mile’ homes, using materials found on the surrounding area. 

They showed us around the warehouse where the design, smaller scale production and prototyping happens. The large scale tests are done in an open field, where sections of walls are printed in 1:1 scale for experimentations with materials, coatings and geometries. There we could visit Gaia, the first house printed with the Crane Wasp with 100% biodegradable materials, in collaboration with RiceHouse.

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