Mollie Claypool: ‘Designing Automations for Architecture: New Imaginaries for Labour, Value & Expertise’

In this lecture architecture theorist and educator Mollie Claypool presents the work of the research laboratory Automated Architecture (AUAR) Labs at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL and lab’s spinout company AUAR Ltd, which use an engaged scholarship approach to transcend disciplinary boundaries of practice and building cultures within new frameworks for automation for housing, sitting at the intersection of design, technology and community.

Mollie Claypool’s work focuses on issues of social justice highlighted by increasing automation in architecture and design production, and the potential of automation in architecture and the built environment to provide more socially engaged and environmentally sustainable ways of designing and building. Mollie is co-author of the book Robotic Building: Architecture in the Age of Automation (Detail Edition 2019) and author of the SPACE10 report “The Digital in Architecture: Then, Now and in the Future” (2019).

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