Flora Weil: Other Technological Encounters

This talk is a collection of encounters, experiments and reflections formed around the idea of challenging human centrality in the field of design and engineering. Exploring how various anthropocentric beliefs impact the development of emerging technologies, the presentation will propose an alternative approach where agency and rationality are situated along more heterogeneous spectrum. The talk will trace the journey from the microscopic scale of a spider’s web to the planetary scale of satellites capturing forest shadows, and at each stage will look at the conversations, research and processes I have encountered with scientists, machines, and other (more than human) perspectives.

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Pablo Prado Serrano

Pablo Prado Serrano is an architect and researcher from Mexico City, currently based in Berlin. He has worked on projects that range from exhibition architecture and spatial design, and collaborations with artists and architects. His professional interests focus on a critical approach to categorization, archives and politics on design and architecture.

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