Shahar Livne: Materials as time capsules

The lecture deals with what is waste from a materiality and philosophy perspective, materials as time capsules.

Shahar Livne is an award-winning conceptual material designer located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Design and Art from the Design Academy Eindhoven, where she followed her lifelong fascinations in nature, biology, science, and philosophy and developed them into an intuitive material experimentation way of work.

Livne founded her studio at the beginning of 2018 and has since collaborated with brands and institutes such as BALANCIAGA, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum, and Design Miami/Basel. Livne is the winner of The Creative hero award for social Impact 2019, a finalist for both the Beazley Design of the year award and a finalist for the new material award in 2018.

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