Victor Meesters: “From Spolia to Opalis”

The materials used in construction come from finite resources. Their manufacture generates carbon emissions and pollution. What constructive practices allow us to be more material saving to reduce their impact ? During a two days workshop, we will try to identify local examples in Venetian architecture through production sites and architectural visits : historical spolia, reclamation yards, by-products and industrial waste recycled in finishing works, faux painting replicate the appearance of materials, adaptive reuse, etc.

Rotor, founded in Brussels in 2005, is a multidisciplinary association specialized in material flows and reuse strategies. Rotor fosters the debate on questions related to resources, waste and obsolescence in the building sector through applied research projects, exhibitions, conferences and publications. On the practical side, Rotor also coordinates large-scale dismantling operations, collaborates to architectural projects and realizes interior and urban design. In 2016, Rotor Deconstruction was established as an independent cooperative spin-off from the non-profit Rotor. Rotor DC is active as a consultant and deconstruction operator salvaging and reselling building components. These elements were dismantled from buildings slated for demolition, mostly in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Rotor and Rotor DC are now established in the Brussels city center and employ together about 15 people

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