Interview: Feral Partnerships in conversation with Rhiarna Dhaliwal

In July, I had the pleasure of speaking to Matthew Darmour-Paul, James Powell, Enrico Brondelli di Brondello and Beth Fisher Levine of Feral Partnerships, a collective that was born out of frustration with professional and academic practice standards in architecture around ecological and biodiversity loss.

The Feral Partnerships project entitled The Architecture of Multispecies Cohabitation creates an archive of buildings designed for humans and other species in order to inspire new possibilities for building worlds with the other-than-human in mind. The work was the subject of a solo exhibition at the University of Sydney’s Tin Sheds Gallery from April to June 2021.

In this presentation and interview with Feral Partnerships, we look at these stories for inspiration. How can architecture play a part in fostering a more caring attitude towards our non-human neighbours?

Following this presentation, we enter into a conversation reflecting on the role of architecture in multispecies cohabitation and caring about non-human life.

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Rhiarna Dhaliwal is a British-Indian Architectural designer, researcher and educator whose work investigates environmental and political systems that affect the future of landscapes and ecosystems.

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