Space Caviar

Space Caviar is an architecture and research studio operating at the intersection of design, technology, politics and the public realm. Founded in 2013 by Joseph Grima and Tamar Shafrir, the office uses built work, exhibitions, publishing, writing and film to investigate and document contemporary modes of habitation and the spatialisation of social and political practice.

Katya Bryskina

Katya Bryskina is an architect, artist, and computational designer. She combines digital fabrication and inspirations from biology to bring ecosystemic thought and aesthetics to the built environment. In her work, she is looking for a balance between analogue and computation, natural and artificial creating architecture for human and non-human agents.

Brenda Freitas

Brenda Freitas is an architect and researcher from Brazil, currently based in Spain. She explores computational design and digital fabrication, specializing in 3d printing architecture with earth. She has collaborated with Wasp and worked on the design of a 3d printed building in Senegal. 

Ludovica Guarnieri

Lodovica Guarnieri is a designer and researcher whose practice grapples with technoscience as it relates to environmental and social justice, coloniality and climate change. She has worked on exhibitions at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Manifesta and Van Abbemuseum, and was part of the research project Hostile Environment(s).

Zarith Pineda

Zarith is an architectural and urban designer based in Brooklyn, NY where she directs Territorial Empathy – a nonprofit design collective. Her work explores how empathy-based design can mediate urban conflicts affecting marginalized communities. Recent projects include the People’s Bus and Segregation is Killing Us. Zarith is an adjunct associate professor at Columbia University.

Pablo Prado Serrano

Pablo Prado Serrano is an architect and researcher from Mexico City, currently based in Berlin. He has worked on projects that range from exhibition architecture and spatial design, and collaborations with artists and architects. His professional interests focus on a critical approach to categorization, archives and politics on design and architecture.

Connor Cook

Connor Cook is a researcher and designer from California, currently based in the Netherlands. His research is concerned with the spatial and material implications of the digital in the built environment. Connor has worked as a researcher for architecture firms in the US and the Netherlands, working on projects related to Life Cycle Analysis, sensor networks, and urban data governance.

Rhiarna Dhaliwal

Rhiarna Dhaliwal is a British-Indian Architectural designer, researcher and educator whose work investigates environmental and political systems. Rhiarna currently co-runs the design studio, ADS8_Data Matter: The Gaming Edition in the school of Architecture at the RCA and is co-founder of the all-female design collective, Xcessive Aesthetics.

Elisa Giuliano

Elisa Giuliano is an architect, choreographer and researcher. In 2020 she was a fellow at Ocean Space, TBA21—Academy. There she continued a performative project, started in 2018 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, focused on gestures, actions and representations of female workers to exposes the
patriarchal nature of capitalism and examine how modern architecture choreographs and controls bodies.

Luke Jones

Luke Jones is an architect, podcaster and writer from London. He is a partner at Heat Island, the author of the science fiction comics ‘Square Eyes’ (2018) and ‘Exile’s Letter’ (2019), and host of ‘About Buildings and Cities,’ a podcast about architectural history and culture.

Artem Nikitin

Artem Nikitin is an architect and researcher from Russia. He has worked on projects at different scales and at different stages, from conceptual drawings to construction supervision. His professional interests are the interrelations and interdependencies between urban policy and digital infrastructures, geospatial modelling, and complex adaptive systems.

Davide Tagliabue

Graduated in building engineering-architecture at Politecnico di Milano, he’s started to work as a carpenter with self-built ephemeral architectures even before graduation. Since January 2018, he is part of the Open Design School, an urban lab serving Matera European Capital of Culture 2019. Starting from 2020 he has been working in contemporary art as a sculptor and land artist.