Workshop: Frantoio Sociale by GISTO and Hund Studio

May 24-29 2021

FRANTOIO SOCIALE is a workshop that proposes a model of transformation. It takes inspiration from the agricultural and social world demonstrating how demolition can be a collective activity and an opportunity for growth. It uses a Crunchy Machine to destroy and transform different waste materials. 

Organized by Gisto and Hund Studio the workshop started at V-A-C Zattere on May 24. The residents conducted initially a series of surveys to search and collect several materials that could be found in the Venice area such as Murano glass, marbles, stones, clay, coal, bricks and shells. In the context of the workshop FRANTOIO SOCIALE, Hund Studio has developed an app to map the flow of materials collected in Venice by residents. The digital tool allowed them to photograph, record the color and geolocalize the samples. The materials are collected in an archive designed as a chromatic atlas of the workshop on the Venetian territory.

After the collection of materials, the residents and GISTO and Hund Studio team worked on their demolition and archiving using the Crunchy Machine. The results of the workshop is now exhibited in the Non-Extractive Architecture exhibition.

Photos: Aljoša Marković for GISTO