Meet the residents: Lodovica Guarnieri

Lodovica Guarnieri is a designer and researcher whose practice grapples with technoscience as it relates to environmental and social justice, coloniality and climate change. She has worked on exhibitions at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Manifesta and Van Abbemuseum, among others, and was part of the research project Hostile Environment(s).

Meet the residents: Rhiarna Dhaliwal

Rhiarna Dhaliwal is a British-Indian Architectural designer, researcher and educator whose work investigates environmental and political systems. Rhiarna currently co-runs the design studio, ADS8_Data Matter: The Gaming Edition in the school of Architecture at the RCA and is co-founder of the all-female design collective, Xcessive Aesthetics.

Exhibition Format Editor by F451: Quentin Creuzet, Domitille Debret

The Exhibition Format Editor developed by F451 (Domitille Debret and Quentin Creuzet) automates the translation of the research conducted in Palazzo delle Zattere into exhibition form, constructing in the process a vocabulary around the concept of non-extractive architecture. The content developed by the research team will be organised and rendered visually by this software, and then printed and hung on the walls of V-A-C Zattere throughout the course of the project.